A little sculpture, which can be clipped onto your cord close to a power outlet. That makes him look like he is desperately pulling on the cord to extract the plug from the outlet.
The sculpture is 18 cm high and 3D-printed with a wall-thickness of only 1 mm in Nylon. There are escape holes ( for the nylon powder after the printing process) on the soles of his feet, on his butt and in his ears.
Mounting is easy: just clip your cord between his hands. With a cord of 6 mm in diameter, you get a firm enough grip to keep the guy in place. If your cord is much thinner, you might enlargen it by putting some adhesive tape on. ( please watch the video for mounting instructions).
The video contains:
- Introduction           00:00
- Mounting advice    01:08
- Timelapse sculpt   02:30
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